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Clinical Chemistry
Journal of Biological Chemistry


Through the Microscope: Peripheral Blood
Introduction to Blood Morphology
Basic Hematology from UVa
BloodLine - The Online Resource for Hematology
Sideroblastic anemia
Laboratory Hematology Online
Yahoo! - Health_Medicine_Hematology

Institutions and Laboratories

Univ of Rochester Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
SRL Laboratories
Wadsworth Center: Clinical Chemistry and Hematology
Division of Laboratory Systems at CDC
Düzen Laboratuvarlar Grubu
LipoScience, Inc
National Center for Clinical Laboratories Beijing
Quest Diagnostics Homepage
Scott & White Department of Pathology
UVa Department of Pathology
Univ of Michigan Laboratory Handbook
Univ of Minnesota Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
University of Kuopio, Department of Clinical Chemistry
Norman Clinical Laboratory, Inc.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Abbott Laboratories Online
Applied Biophysics
Beckman Coulter Instruments
Biocontrol Technology, Inc.
Biotech Rumor Mill - Gossip and News
Laboratory Network-Virtual community
Medical Device Link
Orchard Laboratory Information Systems
Promega Molecular Diagnostics
Research Diagnostics
Roche Diagnostics
SYSWARE Healthcare Systems
Yaki Technologies Software

Meetings and Congresses



Gram Stain
Gram-staining Procedure

General Laboratory Medicine & Health Related

List of Medical Resources
Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology
Southern California Biomedical Council
CancerGuide: Table of Contents
Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
Cohrane Collaboration
Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource
Diseases of the Liver
Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Ed Friedlander - The Pathology Guy
Hardin MD - Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
HealthWeb_ Hematology
Hepatitis Sites for Medical Professionals
Hjelm Cases in Pathology
Nema's Medical Resources
IVD Technology magazine
Labfocus Home Page
Medical Biochemistry
Medical Device Link
Medscape Molecular Medicine Home Page
NCHS - Classification of Diseases
NHLBI, NCEP, Public Screening for Cholesterol
NIAAA - National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Pat Letendre's Home Page
SciWeb-The Life Science Home Page
Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center
The Virtual Hospital
Pathology Education Instructional Resource

QA QC Accreditation Regulation etc

American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
ANSI Reference Library_ Internet Resources
ASCLD_LAB_ Home Page
ASCLS_ Preparing Yourself For Court
Aspects of Laboratory Accreditation
Chinese Standards Assn Home Page
CLIA Approved Proficiency Testing Programs - 1996
CLIA Test Categorization Files
CLIANet_ Your one stop library for all the latest information about the CLIA '88 regulations.
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)
EQAnews - News Sheet for External Quality Assurance (EQA) Scheme Organisers in Medical Laborato
European Committee for External Quality Assessment programmes in Laboratory medicine - EQALM
FBI Lab Accreditation by Presley (FSC, April 1999)
Impact of Contamination Upon Reliability of DQA Typing_ Lessons from the O.J. Simpson Case
ISO 9000
ISO Guide 25 Home Page
ISO homepage, English, with graphics
Laboratory Accreditation Resource Centre
Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program
Medical Devices Directive_ A Summary to date
NACLA General Information
National Association of Testing Authorities Australia  - NATA Services
Quality of Care Information - Clinical Diagnostic laboratory Tests
RAinfo Master Menu Page
Randall's Practical Resources Online
The Virtual Hospital_ The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) and the Physician's Office
TQM Tools Quiz
Virtual Hospital_ The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) and the Physician's Office Lab
Virtual Hospital_ The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA)
Wadsworth-Clincal Labs Part 58
Westgard Quality Corporation © 1998, A word from JOW_ Electronic QC and the Total Testing Proce

Slides Courses Lectures

Introductory Biology Courseware
MLSCI Course Home Pages
Outlines in Clinical Medicine
Study Guide to Clinical Biochemistry

Statistics and Software

GraphROC for Windows
Clinical Laboratory Software
SI Chemistry conversions
Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations

Societies and Organizations

American Association for Clinical Chemistry
Association of Public Health Laboratories
Association of Clinical Biochemists
American Health Information Management Association
American Association of Bioanalysts
American Diabetes Association
American Medical Association
American Society of Clinical Pathologists
Association for Laboratory Automation
Clinical Laboratory Management Association
College of American Pathologists
CSCC - The Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists
Health Industry Manufacturers Association_ Diagnostic Products - FDA
Hong Kong Society of Clinical Chemistry
IFCC - International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
Links to Lab med from DK Society
LPTP Online Home
The National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry
Welcome to NCCLS

ADVANCE For Administrators of the Laboratory Online _ Past Online Articles
BioMed Central
Bio-Reference Laboratories, Serving all of your medical laboratory needs.
Bulten-Ekim 1999
Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Toxicology Devices Panel Meeting Summaries
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Advisory Committee (CLIAC)
Clinical Laboratory Solutions - For Laboratories
Concepts in Evidence Based Medicine
CSS Laboratory Software Systems - 1-800-336-4CSS
Cybermed and Pompidou Hospital
Internal Medicine Board Review course
iPathology - Information and Education Services for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) Information Technology Directory
Likelihood Ratios
List of all pages
Medical Devices and Diagnostic Equipment Summary
North American Chinese Clinical Chemists Association
Orchard Software Corporation_ How To Compare
Plotting and Intrepretating an ROC Curve
Quality assessment of total cholesterol measurements
ROC Analyzer
Sensitivity, Specificity, and Positive Predictive Value
The Cholesterol Myth
The Effect of Disease Prevalence on the Predictive Value of Diagnostic Tests
Enzymes - Biological Catalysts

Hair Analysis & Alternative Testing

Haarmineralanalyse, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung
Hair Analysis Information
Hair analysis
Diagnostic Laboratories frpm HealthWorld Online
National Council Against Health Fraud, Inc.
Nutritional Testing - Trace Mineral Systems, LLC
QuackWatch Home Page
U.B.C. Hair Analysis Page
Diagnostic Laboratories - HealthWorld Online
Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory Home Page
Trace Elements, Inc.

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