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Pages that may amuse, entertain, or kill a lunch hour

Institute of Official Cheer a Division of Lileks
Today's Dilbert (and 30 day archive)
All too Flat
BBSpot - Techno satire and the "best links daily"
Gauss Portraits for sale - act fast! (oh, oh; too late 2003.12.09)
Japanese Engrish
Chickenhead - a pillar of intellectual bankruptcy
Squealing News Pig - "our news is harder than your news"
SatireSearch - Headline powering satire (they even featured a lunch I had!)
The Spoof
Borowitz Report
The UNH! Project
Chortler - All the Gnus Fit to Sprint
Landover Baptist - Where the worthwhile worship
The Onion - America's finest news source
BongoNews (formerly The Garlic) - The stinky newspaper
Something Awful - The Internet makes you stupid
Drew Curtis'
Submit your site to the Pornolizer
Dull Men's Club
Tacky Living
The Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products
Modern Humorist
Science Club at
Funny pictures and humor from Dribbleglass
Idiots, idiot jokes and idiot links
ilovebacon - juvenile humor for grown-ups
News of the Weird
Age Gauge
Unusual Museums of the Internet
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Viola Jokes
416 Blonde Jokes Index
Clay's Humorous Wav Files
Paul Cobbaut Home
The Capitol Steps Home Page
YPL You're Probably Lost
Ladies Against Women Global Headquarters
Frank's Vinyl Museum
World of Kitsch - a tribute to all things tack
This is broken
Not fooling anybody - bad convertions of storefronts AFDB - An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control


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